Saturday, July 02, 2011

Martinis take flight at the Casino Lac-Leamy!

Martini Flight for 2: Passion

Buffet Banco on Urbanspoon      You have perhaps heard of a "flight" of wine, where tasters can try several different wines within a certain theme, such as a particular geographical region, or a vineyard or even by style. Well, for those wishing to try several types of martini cocktails, the bar at Banco Restaurant in the Lac-Leamy complex (Gatineau, Quebec) offers several choices of martini "flights".

     We tried the Passion Flight, made up of two half-size servings of the Wild Cosmo (left in photo), Golden Peach (middle) and Blue Breeze (right). At $19.95, it's a more economical way to try 3 different martinis than buying them individually ($7.46 each), and the presentation is hard to beat. The elderly couple at the table next to us were intrigued when they saw our Martini Flight arrive in its circular stand carrying six mini-martini glasses, each filled with different candy-colored drinks, and couldn't resist asking what it was.

    My favorite was the Golden Peach, and I got the recipe (see below), courtesy of the friendly barman. We also tried the Blue Flight later in the evening, made up of three different blue-colored martini drinks, but nothing could beat the Golden Peach for me!

Golden Peach Martini
Casino Lac-Leamy
1 1/4 oz Alizé Gold
3/4 oz Peach Schnapps
1 oz orange juice

Read more about Lac-Leamy: Art at the Hilton Lac-Leamy, and  Restaurant Le Baccara.


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