Sunday, July 10, 2011

Café Olimpico : Montreal's best coffee - even the cops can't resist it!

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     We had been advised to try out Café Olimpico by a loyal regular customer. This homey, no-nonsense Italian coffee-sports bar is located in Montreal's Mile End neighborhood (124 Rue St. Viateur Ouest), and has been in business since 1970, according to its sign.

     On the hunt for a coffee fix, I was a bit wary during the drive there - it's in a residential neighbourhood, and not much seemed to be going on Friday night at 10pm. The search for caffeine won out, however, so we parked the car and went over just in time to see two of Montreal's finest walking away with coffee cups in hand. Hey, if the cops like it - it should be good, right?

A perfect cappuccino!
     Joe, the barrista, laid all fears to rest by quickly serving up two perfect cappuccinos, with just the right amount of froth on top of hot, rich espresso, at only $2.50 each, to boot! There wasn't much else on the menu in the way of food, so we took a seat inside the oddly decorated sports bar to savour the coffee, and watched the lineup at the long counter ebb and flow. There seemed to be a mix of regulars who chatted with Joe while waiting, and passers-by just wandering through. Either way, there was no shortage of customers that night, of all ages - even a baby!

      There is also an inviting outdoor terrasse attached to this neighborhood coffee shop, and there were more customers seated here than those inside watching the baseball game on giant TV screens hanging from the walls. The terrasse looked quite peaceful and seemed to be a nice place to hang out and chat over a cup of coffee and a biscotti on a warm summer evening. 
Waiting in line at Cafe Olimpico

     During the 30-minutes or so that we were there, four other policemen came and went, caffè latte in hand - which proves two things - Montreal's police appreciate good coffee, and Café Olimpico is one safe place to sip a cappuccino!

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