Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Fairmont Tremblant's Most Steamy Asset

Fairmont Tremblant Outdoor Pools

     We have been to the Fairmont Tremblant resort in winter, spring, summer and fall. I have gone alone to attend a conference, with my husband on a romantic getaway, and with the kids during a family vacation. And what is our number one favorite (steamy) asset of this five-star hotel, as chosen unanimously by every member of the family? ..... The 400-square foot outdoor year-round therapeutic hot tub! (far right in photo)

     While other hotels may have an outdoor pool open from May to September, sometimes partnered with a small jacuzzi or two, the Fairmont Tremblant offers a swimmer's dream come true. With two pools (indoor and outdoor), three regular-sized whirlpools, and one enormous, designer-shaped outdoor hot tub bigger than many rival hotels' cookie-cutter-rectangular-shaped swim tanks, this hotel's swimming facilities are unbeatable. What's more, the amazing set-up is open all year round, allowing lucky hotel guests to enjoy below-freezing winter temperatures outside in their bikinis, with snow gently falling on their heads, while keeping toasty warm in the bubbling 37°C (98.6°F) hot tub.

Year-Round Hot Tub

     The hot tub is not only useful in the snow, however. During an unseasonably cold holiday weekend recently, plenty of under-dressed vacationers (us included) kept warm by soaking in the oddly-shaped hot tub, with plenty of cozy corners to cuddle up. Kids of all ages are allowed full access, and there is a lifeguard on duty at all times, making this incredible pool complex one of the best (and family-friendly) we have ever seen. Life-vests are available for the little ones, as well as swim noodles. Kids can even get appropriately-sized bathrobes upon request through housekeeping.

Adults Only (upstairs!)
     For adults looking for more mature company and some privacy, there is a smaller, secluded jacuzzi hot tub just for them, located several steps up from the main outdoor pool complex. This clever location has the advantage of being mostly hidden from view of the swimmers at ground level, and therefore remains safe from the unwanted invasion of little feet.

     Without a doubt, this hotel's swimming pool complex is one of the best. Not only is it spacious and offers plenty of choice (indoors and out), but the jewel in the crown - the gigantic outdoor hot tub that is more like a hot pool - is both unique and pleasing to all ages. Two thumbs up, Fairmont Tremblant!

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