Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dinosaurs in Central Park

     When in New York City with the kids, most families make a stop at the American Museum of Natural History, in front of Central Park West at 79th Street. This is the museum featured in the 2006 movie Night at the Museum, starring Ben Stiller as a night watchman who discovers that the exhibits magically come to life at night.

Subway stop for the American Museum of Natural History

     While this usually ensures that the kids are enthusiastic about visiting the museum, it also causes some consternation and disappointment when they realize that the interior of the actual museum is not as shown in the movie. Most noticeably, the entrance of the building does not have a large atrium featuring the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus rex (or Rexy, as Stiller's character named it in the movie). However, there is a T-Rex to be found, in the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs.

"Rexy" in the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs

     There are also models featuring little people, in the exhibits of the Human Origins and Cultural Halls, although we did not find any exhibit of Sacagewea, which was a central feature in the movie.

Little people!

     Fortunately, we did happen upon another central figure featured in the movie - a replica of an Easter Island head.

No gum-gum for this dum-dum!

     Overall, this is a fun and educational place to spend a few hours with the kids when in New York City. Tickets can be purchased in advance online on the website of the museum, or in person at the box office.

Admission prices: Adults $22; Children (2-12) $12.50; Seniors/Students (with ID) $17

     Discounted admission tickets can also be purchased bundled with tickets for other attractions, such as with the New York City Explorer Pass, which is how we did it.

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